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    Patricia Schmidt, 16, was raped and murdered in December 1971. Her father was late to pick her up after her shift at the Darlington Burger King so she had decided to walk home. Her body was found the next day in tall grass on the side of Adams Road in Hallet Cove, South Australia.

    She was found wearing only her black lace up boots. Her jumper and coat were placed across her body and her bra was hanging on a nearby fence. A kangaroo skin purse she carried has never been found. Traces of pink and white paint and metals including nickel and nickel silver were found on her body. Police speculated that Patricia had been in a keycutters or engravers shop.

    Witnesses said they saw Patricia walking north along South Rd instead of south in the direction of her house.

    A few days earlier Patricia had been driven home by a stranger after her shift. She told a friend he was about 30 with a pimply face and was not very good looking. She also said he had a ‘flash car’. She told her friend that he had suggested driving to the hills but Patricia had refused. The stranger then started to drive toward Hallet Cove before Patricia had insisted he take her home.

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