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    On Thursday the 8th of May 1986 at 11pm Sharron Phillips ran out of petrol on Ipswich Rd near the Wacol Migrant Centre. She had just dropped off her friend Samantha and was headed home in her yellow Datsun Bluebird. After she was told at the Wacol Army Barracks there was not a phone she could use, Sharron walked to a Shell Service Station to use the payphone. She called her friend Martin to ask for a lift. He told her he would find her but by midnight he had still not arrived so she called again. His flatmate told her Martin had already left. Martin found her car but Sharron has never been found.

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    Police have named taxi driver Raymond Peter Mulvilhill as the killer of Sharron Phillips. Mulvilhill died in 2002 but apparently his son has come forward to give information that his father killed her. Police say that if Mulvilhill was alive today they would charge him with this crime but I am in two minds over whether or not this case is closed. Mulvilhill’s son said last year that his father had accidently hit Sharron with his car ( and now he’s saying his father abducted her and worked for a crime family ( There was also no evidence that a body was where he said it would be. What do you think? Should we tick this one off the list?

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    Mulvilhills son seems to know a lot about it. Interesting to find out how or why he thinks he knows so much. I’m not sure this one can be crossed off the list yet!!

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      I agree Romey. It would be very easy to blame someone who can’t defend themselves.

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